Submit a Question

We aim to answer all questions and queries within 2 to 3 hours of receiving it. As this is a service run by volunteers, we can’t guarantee that we are alert and around 24/7, but we do our very best. With a team of 15-20 betas, we have several betas who check in even when not on duty, just to make sure that no question gets lost or forgotten.


Always be clear and concise in terms of what you want us to do. Are you doubting your punctuation? We can help. Are you worried you aren’t conveying the sadness of your main character? We can explain how we experience the text and make suggestions if needed. Do you want your teaser to be publish-ready ASAP? We will do our best as long as your request states clearly what kind of feedback you’re looking for from us. If we don’t know what we’re supposed to be looking at, we can only offer limited feedback.

The text to be edited should be no more than 300 words. We accept multiple submissions from the same source, but we only take on 300 words at a time. This is to make sure that we can serve everyone as quickly as we can.

Please submit no more than two drabbles, teasers, or questions at a time and wait for a response before you send in more. We deal with questions on a first come, first served basis, but if we need to answer queries from several people at once, it’s only fair that once you have had two questions answered, the next person can get their questions answered.


Terms of Service

EBS’s main principle is quick help; we do not offer permanent beta services. To find permanent betas, try looking at our affiliates or advertise via our Beta Personals service. If one of our betas offers a client to beta a complete chapter or story, it is their choice and EBS is in no way responsible for the terms of an agreement between the two of them or for the results once personal emails have been exchanged.

Not all of our betas are writers, so rewriting for authors is not in the scope of EBS’s help. What we can do is help the client discover the best way to phrase a sentence. The only exception is when helping to write summaries for stories.

EBS is not responsible for coming up with content for the writer to use. We can, however, help come up with material for our client to use.

EBS is not a place for inspiration, but we can point out where to find inspiration. The first place to look is among our affiliates. If you need help getting over writer’s block, take a look at our Writing Boot Camp program.

The client needs to be clear and concise in their inquiry for us to be able to help. The beta will ask the client to clarify if they feel the question is not clear enough.

EBS is not responsible for word counts. Most, if not all word processors have a word count feature, and there are word count tools online. When drabbles are submitted, our betas will assume the client has the word count they need and make suggestions with that in mind.

Please submit each question only once. The beta may ask for a question to be clarified or offer for a drabble or teaser to be submitted again when there are a lot of changes to be made, but this is the only time a question may be resubmitted.

All new questions should go through the Submit a Question form. Some questions require some back and forth between the beta and the client, which is the only time emailing directly is allowed.


If we find anyone in violation of these terms of service, they will be marked as an abuser and will either get a warning or be immediately blocked from any or all services (chat, twitter, Submit a Question form, Boot Camp, etc.).

 The EBS Administration team reserves the right to judge and handle each case as it arises, and to adjust or add to our rules and terms of service at any time.  Any complaints about mistreatment or other disputes should be sent to